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I first opened Star Valley Rock Shop to share my lifelong passion for crystals and stone healing. Now, I’m thrilled to announce our rebranding as Quartz Eclipse. My amazing family helps me run this enchanting shop where we personally select a glowing array of jewelry, tumbled stones, geodes, crystal home decor, and so much more...

As a crystal healer for over 20 years, I’m deeply connected to the unique properties of every stone we carry. It brings me such joy to help our customers find the pieces that will accentuate harmony and balance in their lives. That personal touch is so important to me. When you shop at Quartz Eclipse, you’ll discover rare treasures from across the globe while benefiting from my crystal expertise.

I am so excited to add Trauma breathwork facilitator to my list of offerings. Breath work and crystals go hand in hand as you work to titrate the trauma from your life. By using crystals along with breath work those parts of yourself that may have been hidden from you are illuminated and then released. If this is something that feels good to you. I invite you to book a session on and begin your journey now.

I pride myself on offering an inclusive, nurturing environment where the vibrations of healing crystals can uplift your space and soothe your spirit. Take time browsing our shop to find meaningful additions to your collection. Or come chat with me directly—I’m always happy to illuminate each crystal’s distinctive blessings and support your journey.

I so look forward to welcoming the community into my glowing world of Quartz Eclipse!

Gail Zuniga


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Welcome to Quartz Eclipse Rock Shop. We believe in the power of nature and its gemstones, echoing their voices through intricate, handcrafted jewelry. Our collections span over a multitude of unique gemstones — from the fiery Carnelian, mysterious Labradorite to calming Lapis Lazuli. Indulge in the ethereal Moonstone or flaunt a stunning piece of Turquoise.

Whether you seek the protective powers of Tiger Eye, adore the classic elegance of Pearls, or want to capture a rainbow with Fluorite, we've got you covered. We offer everything from Amber to Kyanite, and even the eye-catching Flower Agate. With Quartz Eclipse, you're not just buying jewelry, you’re expressing your unique style with nature’s most vibrant treasures.


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